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Sketching Daily

I got this domain a while back, promising myself I’d sketch every day. The truth is, I’ve struggled to find the time to practice. I’m not happy with where my skills are. I started drawing as my new year’s resolution of 2017, and I got pretty happy with my progress. Since January of this year I’ve had a hard time fitting in a daily draw.

Sidney Crosby's face: just eyes, nose, partial profile
Car sketch of Sidney Crosby.

Today’s post is a redraw of a May 16th sketch of Marc-Andre Fleury, and I don’t think it’s any better than the last. Same as last time, I drew it in the car; I do a lot of sketching in the car. I think these turn out better than the ones I draw at my desk, perhaps the angle?
I’m not happy with what I drew. I’m going to post it anyway.

Sketch of Marc Andre Fleury's face, profile facing left.
Car sketch of Marc Andre Fleury

I’ve noticed that sketches I do in the car are much better than sketches I do at my desk. Probably it’s the angle of the page and having to draw from the shoulder. The roads are super bumpy and poorly paved, so I cannot draw from the wrist or rest my hand on the page. I spend long stretches of time in one seat, without interruption. The ride is 7 hours long, more time than I can spend drawing.
But I’m not in the car every day. When I was ill last year, I found it easy to practice daily. Now, not so much. I hope this website helps me with accountability.

Sketching materials:

An altoid tin filled with a nylon eraser, a kneadable eraser, and a razor blade. Bee Paper Sketch Pad, Mitsubishi 4B pencil.


  1. Finally getting to browse through and comment!

    The nose!
    You are right about that. And hey who knew that those roads were good for art.

    1. Dude sometimes you can really see Jack’s resemblance to Mr. Crosby. I’m still not sure how I feel about Jack’s low forehead, I have a hard time drawing him.

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