Cupcake Skull: Using My Tablet (Mostly)

Check out today’s design, made on an ipad pro + apple pencil. It’s a cupcake/skull in candy colours:

Cupcake with skull face on the cup and a bow made of bones on top of the icing.
Cupcake skull

As with my other designs, you can get it on a t-shirt.

Cupcake Watermarked

The semi-transparent watermark is there to deter copycats. It kinda sucks, but I get it now. I don’t want it copied, yet I want to share what I’m up to. Some of my merch shirts are already copied pixel for pixel and up on sites like teech*p. So before I made a .png for this post, I added my social media name and some lines á-la-stock-images.

Although it’s not a complex design (it clearly isn’t), I spent a great deal of time on this. As a learning exercise, I tried to do it all on my ipad. I failed. Finished up in illustrator —finding it super difficult to wean myself off the laptop.

I wasn’t quite sure how to resize the image and the canvas in Vectornator, so I ended up exporting this little cupcake: first to illustrator, then to the creative cloud, and next to my photos. Somehow when I exported directly to illustrator, the line art became thinner. I tried exporting to the creative cloud, but the app kept quitting on me. Ultimately, I exported it as a .png to my photos and then exported it from there on my laptop. Success! Yet that took ages! Should have been a single minute.

Then I spent ages changing the eyes, nose, and teeth (cut the teeth from the final design). The expression is still a bit sad. Too bad, I’m done! I’ll use the same basic cupcake to make a couple more designs, just to get some milage out of today’s time sink.

The recolour option in illustrator is so cool: I picked ‘candy colours’ and voila! This beauty happened. It’s perfect.

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