Marc Andre Fleury Digital Art

Digital art depicting Marc Andre Fleury as a knight on horseback. Fleury's nickname is 'Flower', so the horse is coloured with a floral pattern.
Digital art depicting hockey goalie Fleury as a knight on horseback.

Digital art depicting Marc Andre Fleury of the Vegas Golden Knights as a medieval knight on horseback. Fleury’s nickname is ‘Flower’, so the horse is coloured with a floral pattern.

Marc Andre Fleury as the icon of a medieval saint.
Fleury as an icon of a saint.

Net, uniform, mask, glove, stick, and stare: I put all the goalie things in the image. I realised drawing this that I have never seen a goalie mitt up close. I’m not exactly sure what they look like.

These images have both freehand and traced elements. I definitely encountered a steep learning curve for Adobe Illustrator.

These two pieces of digital art I worked on during the Stanley Cup finals. I’ve followed the Knights since the beginning of the season. For years, I haven’t really followed one particular team, but I used to live in Vegas and the idea of a desert team out there is super appealing. Vegas is so much more crazy than it seems. When you live there, 24 hour life, celebrities, tourism, vice and crime all mix up with quotidian pursuits. It seemed inevitable to me that Vegas would latch onto a hockey team like a wanderer finding water in the desert.

I got to watch a lot of hockey this year, during the games and then the next day in the background of my tedious set of tasks at work. Sometimes my day job is fascinating but this year’s tasks have been repetitive.

From day one, Vegas achieved so much more than anyone thought they could. As I learned more about how the team was drafted, my admiration for these players grew. I was already a Fleury fan, but seeing him shine this year has been amazing. He and the whole team inspire me to push myself to practice and improve. If these elite guys, already in the show, can push themselves that much harder, then I must do the same. At that level, when you fail, when you lose, you do it in front of millions and on film. 30 teams lose in the end, but it’s worth it to fight.

Vegas ended as champions. Western Conference champs: that’s a big deal, too.

I made these designs into t-shirts (these are affiliate links, I make a small commission on anything you buy):

Knight shirt.

Saint shirt.



  1. I know nada about hockey except what you tell me and checkplease!

    But Iā€™d buy that tee with St Fleury

    1. šŸ™‚ You know I need to find out if they make clear vinyl stickers, or like, ‘sticker tape’ cuz I always want stuff immediately and cheaply. Like I would print that out in colour and tape it to my laptop and I recommend that course of action to anyone. Like, this is a perfect instance. But if they had sticker tape for the purpose? That would be so rad! Hey I can send you a good .png if you want, just ask.

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