Sticker and Popsocket Grip Design Practice

I made some sticker and popsocket grip designs yesterday and today. I have a long post about the design process that I’ll put up soon, but I’m trying to post daily so here is something quick. I suppose I’ll put watermarks on everything and sign it all at some point but:

Fun Must Be Always San Jose Sharks Colors Sticker
Fun Must Be Always Sharks Colors Circular Design

Criticism always welcome, unvarnished. I’ll have links to these as stickers and as other products at some future point, but for sure they’ll be up in some form at my redbubble shop (just look for Wimsicalifornia).

Design Requests

If you have a fave team and you want to see something similar, just let me know. I’m always looking for inspiration. I might not do every request, but asking is free. Every prompt is a chance to learn. Like I can already see that I want the orange to have a different value, it doesn’t pop out from the the blue well.

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