Sticker Designs and a Learning Experience

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Stickers are up in my Redbubble shop, well, I suppose the sticker designs are actually on several products but! the idea was to make stickers for @snaccastonreese on tumblr (I’m also on tumblr: Wimsicalifornia).

San Jose Sharks themed sticker that says, 'Fun must be always.'
San Jose Sharks themed sticker that says, ‘Fun must be always.’

So these stickers were made to order. Obviously stickers pay out about twenty cents per sticker, but I need all the practice I can get and that includes practice listening to what someone wants and providing that. I think I probably get a C+, but I also didn’t ask for feedback. I should have, but you know, what if she secretly hated them?

The brief from my ‘client’ (my internet friend) was to make a San Jose Sharks themed design with the phrase ‘fun must be always’ on it. Tomas Hertl, a forward for the sharks, tweeted that. Super adorable of him.

San Jose Sharks themed banner that says, Fun must be always.'
San Jose Sharks themed banner that says, Fun must be always.’

I battered my head against the tablet to eke these out. Drawing on those things is it’s own thing. I’m still a beginner as an artist, I can’t claim otherwise, but holy smokes! I feel like I’m ten times worse on the tablet. It’s humbling.

My tumblr pal ended up getting a design from earlier this week. She chose the one with an orange triangle background. I changed the ‘nose’ to blend in a bit more cuz the shark looked a little bit like an otter in the face, haha.

Making Thumbnail Sketches (Rough Drafts)

I tried out using Tombow dual brush pens to make rough versions on paper. It’s nothing like a
loaded paintbrush. I felt like I was using an unwieldy sharpie. So, something else to suck at for a while. I originally got them to do handlettering but I can’t see how: they are super thick. Maybe with practice? There aren’t enough hours in the day for the amount of practice I need. I’ll make a future post about these pens.

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