Tablet and Apple Pencil review, and New Art

I got a used ipad pro and a new apple pencil (couldn’t get it used). This set me back about $600 including the case. You kind of have to have the case, or else the pencil is free to find a hiding place. Anyways, new art!

New Art

San Jose Sharks and Quote from Hertl: fun must be always
Teal shark and a quote from San Jose Sharks’ Tom Hertl.

Suggested by @snaccaustonreese on tumblr, here’s a design with a quote by Tom Hertl, #48 of the San Jose Sharks. I’m going to do two more on this theme. Keep in mind that this is a rough draft for a sticker. As member of my household is a sharks fan, I’m going all out on this so I can add something personal to the potential future gift list.

The shark was made by overlaying simple shapes onto a photo of a shark, then deleting the shark and stretching, merging and moulding the shapes to make it my shark. Tracing is okay. I give everyone permission to trace. The fonts are from a free bundle on Creative Market. Fun must be always!

Tablet Review

Welp, it’s fantastic. I mean it had better be, for the price! But it is. I’m thinking I draw better on the huge paper I use (like, 18×24 or something) than I do on the small size screen, but maybe I’ll improve with practice. So, tablet, I can recommend this one.

Pencil Review

It works? I immediately lost the cap that protects the lightning thingy so the charging cap is always on. I don’t see a problem with that. The cap doesn’t do anything other than sit there, so. But the pencil just WORKS. The only downside is that tip is hard enough that it makes a tapping sound when it touches the screen. That’s my sensory issue, though, it might not be yours.

Drawing Software

Okay I’ll have to review drawing software in a future post because there is so much to choose from. Also, the learning curve on most of them is steep, unless they are super easy to use and therefore super basic. But so far the only program that I’ve made anything with in the first five minutes is Vectornator. I made the shark about in Vectornator, sent it to illustrator running on my laptop (bluetooth? wifi? via creative cloud? not sure), and finished it in illustrator.
I had to finish on laptop, in order to add text to the image. Now, that’s the big drawback. I couldn’t add text in vectornator, that I could see. [I figured it out later.]
Expect a more in-depth review in the future.

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