Self-portrait and More Crosby


Drawing a good self-portrait have been hard for me, but I’m starting to feel better about my efforts. I am on yet another road trip, this time to CDMX again. We say every month that we’re going to do fewer trips, and then we do trips anyways. The positive thing is that I do my best sketching on these trips. Is it the angle at which I am forced to draw? Honestly my best drawing is from when I’m seated in the front passenger seat.

Self-portrait, partial upper face.


So for comparison, here is one of my early self-portraits. I used a charcoal pencil on tan sketch paper.

Early self-portrait, corrected.
Early self-portrait, corrected.

You can probably tell that I drew over the first drawing to correct it. It was worse before. At that time, I was still having trouble identifying what went wrong in my drawings. I mean, not that I’m an expert now or anything. Here, I got the top of my head wrong, as well as the size of my eyes, the width of my jaw, and the width of my neck. My hair did unfortunately resemble a Christmas tree, so that’s actually not a mistake. My shading is still dreadful, but here it’s even dreadfuller.

Sketching Hockey Player Sidney Crosby Again

I’ve come a long way, I guess. I added to the first one as we drove on. I usually draw hockey players: I’ve drawn Sidney Crosby of Pittsburgh Penguins many times. His face, especially his mouth, is very difficult to draw. Of all the hockey players I have attempted, Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars and PK Subban of the Nashville Predators have been the easiest and most fun to draw. Crosby and Marc Andre Fleury of the Vegas Golden Knights have been the most difficult.

The upper part of my face, and parts of Sidney Crosby's face.
The upper part of my face, and parts of Sidney Crosby’s face.

So I didn’t do as much shading as I should have, looking at this now. That’s the best I’ve ever gotten Crosby’s mouth, though. I used prismacolor 2B pencils and white, heavyweight drawing paper (Bee paper 6×9 sketchbook).

My sketchbook is running out of room, but I’ve no chance of replacing it here in Mexico. It has a very stiff cardboard cover, which is super helpful for my sketching environment. I do have some like, cheap 12×16 sketchbooks – but they are very floppy. I might cut the sheets to size and clamp them onto the remains of my current sketchbook. There’s the ride home to think about.

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