About Hockey Sketch-a-day and an Invitation

This site was created to share hockey enthusiasm with other fans through my art and anything else that interests me that is hockey or art related. This includes interviews, reviews, recipes, looks, decor, party ideas, news, and links to social media. I am not a professional artist, just someone who loves learning.
In order to provide the best information, I want to invite you to share art and information. Write me (wimsicalifornia at gmail dot com) if you make original hockey art, I’d love to interview you and show off some of your work. Your art can be traditional media or digital, but can also be photography, apparel, avatars, wallpapers, speculative fiction (fluff!), or fiction.
As long as it’s about getting pucks to the net, I’m in!

About Me

I’m an artist and a Vegas Golden Knights fan living in a remote town in the third world. This blog is my way of participating in and sharing my love for the big show. I’m not going to wait to be perfect before I share my passion: I’m starting now because I care now. Maybe a year from now my post history will show progression and improvement, maybe not.
Living in a country that is definitely not a winter sports country makes it a challenge to do gesture drawing from life. As a result, I am super interested in this. If you or anyone you know sketches live play, I’d love to hear about it. As it is, the nearest ice rink is six or seven hours away from me. If you are also from a non-traditional market and follow local teams or leagues, I’d love to hear from you.

Full disclosure

I’m putting my art and enthusiasm to work for me via affiliate marketing. These are the links in my posts. My art isn’t lucrative but it is very sincere.